I’m Baaaccckkk…4 good

Hello to those of you still checking in, and those who will view going forward.  I know no posts in 5 months, terrible.  I have truly been swamped with life, and can finally see some light emerging so that I can restart my blog.  Actually this time away has inspired me to become more serious and active.  I will release a posting schedule this week.  And I’m on the look out for more traffic and exposure.  Hang out, enjoy the journey because it’s about to get really interesting in here.


Candy Like

I love these sandals. I was lucky enough to nab these on the clearance at H&M for 10.00 they were originally 49.99.

They remind me of old school Candies–hence the title.

The polish is a mint color from one of the H&M mini polish sets.


A Wedge of Gold


These wedges I purchased last year on clearance for a whopping 12.99!

They are Dolce Vita for Target. Very comfortable, very stylish!

Chocolates and Lace

This outfit is comprised of one of my fave peices, a pink lace top with puffy sleeves that I bought from The Limited a while back. The chocolate pants are linen and from JCPenney also an older purchase.




American Gangster

I love Jay-Z! Always have.  I was preparing for a garage sale this weekend, and going through old cd’s and junk.  I refused to repurchase my American Gangster CD, because I knew I owned 2 of them already, I just could not find them.  I finally found them going through all of my junk.  I listened to it today, and now I remember, American Gangster was way before it’s time.  The music is so relevant to today, he should re-release it, and sell another milli!

Track after track of genius work, what will we do, if Jay decides to go be a stay at home dad???



Back Pixie Photo

This photo is from the late summer, just found it.

Pants: Ann Taylor Loft /Tank: Gap/Cardi: Express/Sandals: Target

Pixie Dislikes 2012

I have two products that I gave the old college try, last month.  Neither of them worked for me!

1.  GHD Thermal Protector for Normal/Fine Hair

First off, I don’t have Normal or Fine Hair!  But this product, which I got free from Sephora, made my hair hard and dry.  It has alcohol as the 2nd ingredient so that should have been a clue.  It smells of alcohol and feels like hair spritz.  I can’t use this on my hair!!


2.  Ultra Sheen Supreme Super Smooth & Hold Flat Iron Spray

Some one on Long Hair Care Forum gave this code for a freebie, I said what the hey, its free right?  Well once again, it didn’t work for my hair.  It had the same effect as the GHD, alcohol, dry, hard hair.

If you would like to try them, subscribe, and leave a comment.  The first person to do so, will have them mailed to their address.  It’s worth a try, they may work for you!



You are Now Watching the Throne!

@s_c_ and @kanyewestSo I went to see the WTT concert with the hubby on Dec 6!  It was great, one of the best shows I’ve ever seen.  One of my close friends was also in attendance, and looking natural(at the time) pixie fab!  Check us out!!

Wow, my bangs have really grown in 2 mos!!  I’ll post an updated pick of my hair after my appointment on Saturday!  Way to go, friend, and no we didn’t try to wear plaid scarves to the show!!!


Hautelook! Steve Madden

I don’t know if you follow Hautelook.com, but its a great way to buy designer items, for way less than designer prices.  Today one of their specials is on Steve Madden shoes.  There are several that I love on the site, but I think I’ll pass, as I’ve been buying too much as of late.  Here are a few that I thought were really cute:

1. Gretta

Comes in a few different colors and if I buy one today, this is it!  Regular $130.00, Hautelook $60.00

2.  Draama-very cute everyday pump in a very hard to find cognac color…Regular:  $170.00, Hautelook:  $70.00

Draama Platform Pump

3.  Nockout-3 words, Leopard print wedge, gotta love it!  Regular: 200.00, Hautelook:  $70.00

Nockout Leopord Mary Jane Wedge


Check it out:  www.Hautelook.com


Congrats to The Carter’s!

I missed getting to salute Beyonce and Jay-Z on the arrival of their baby, Blue Ivy!   I’m excited like I know them personally!  And come on the baby has already set a record, for the being the youngest person to chart on Billboard!  You gotta love it.

Check out her daddy’s ode to his little darling…