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DIY Clip In Extensions

My friends daughter did clip in extensions that she made.  After seeing her results I figured I could do the same.  I watched a few videos on YouTube like the one here:

Afterwards I followed the steps and made my own.  I washed.and.conditioned my hair.  I used these products as leave ins:


Elasta  QP’s leave in moisturizing.spray, Chi Keratin Mist, and Redken Smooth Down Heat Glide(heat protectant).

Next, I part my hair and clip in my pieces.  The end result:


With Love and Pixie Dust,


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Getting a Bob…

So my hair appointment will be on Thursday.  If you have followed my inconsistent posts, my goal was to grow out my pixie cut.  I was hoping to be at full bob by Jan 2013.  I’ll be getting my bob on Thursday!!!  Can’t believe I made it. 

I’ve been letting my hair grow out without shaping since April 2012.  Mostly I’ve been protective styling with buns, braidouts, and most recently clip in extensions, more on this DIY later.

I’ve posted some pics below of my before hair, and I’ll update the blog with the reshape once it’s complete.



                  Freshly washed





I’m hoping to inch off the back and cut the  bangs to mid nose. My hair in these pics is 9 weeks post relaxer.  I’ll be getting a relaxer on Thursday. 

With Love and Pixie Dust,


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Over Protective


I I’ve been wearing my hair straightened after months of protective styling. I am constantly paranoid about breakage as a result. So I’m going back under wraps with my hair to continue to hit my hair goals. Usually you will find my hair in a bun, phony pony, or twisting. With my growth I’m now able to do flat twists around the perimeter. One more protective style so I can continue growing my hair back. #growwithme

With Love and Pixie Dust,


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You are Now Watching the Throne!

@s_c_ and @kanyewestSo I went to see the WTT concert with the hubby on Dec 6!  It was great, one of the best shows I’ve ever seen.  One of my close friends was also in attendance, and looking natural(at the time) pixie fab!  Check us out!!

Wow, my bangs have really grown in 2 mos!!  I’ll post an updated pick of my hair after my appointment on Saturday!  Way to go, friend, and no we didn’t try to wear plaid scarves to the show!!!


Pixie Nerves!!!???

 So today is the last day that I will be sporting my Indi Remy weave!! Its a wrap, I get it out in an hour! I’m nervous for some reason, I guess because its been 2 mos, and I don’t know what my “real” hair is doing underneath.  Will I still want to keep what’s developed under the weave, or will I be ready to chop it off to a super short new pixie??? I guess only time will tell.  I’ll update when I leave the salon!

Pixie Question

So, I’m about to get this sew in, taken out in a week.   I need your help.  What should I do now?  I know I want short hair, if I grew it out I wouldn’t let it get past shoulder length, if that long.  My dilemna is I really don’t know how much hair is under this 2 month old sew in, nor what kind of style I could get.  If I get a major cut it would be on the 23rd of September, but the install is coming out on the 16th.  I have attached a few pics of styles that I do like…let me know what you think, and hit me up with any suggestions as well.

OMG this one is causing a hairgasm!!!


lol…did a google search for short hair…and came up w/my own picture, the internet is crazy.

   Very cute, don’t care for the color but I love the shape.

Estelle’s is cute as well, I don’t know if I want my sides that low right now, as I may want another sew in, in a couple of months???  But if I decide against it, I’ll definitely cut them down to this length.

Image Detail

I loved this look on RihRih. 

Image Detail

  I love the shagginess of this one…I don’t think my bangs are this long, but I love this cutnatalie-imbruglia

Pixie Surprise

So I promised that I was doing something with my pixie, right!  Well I did it.  So here is my before photo:

Excuse my was early, and I was off for the day! And my hair was ugly!


So about 4 hours later, here is the new me:

Don't you love it? I do!


Let me tell you about.

So no, I’m not deserting my pixie fans.  I’m just taking a break.  I’ve officially been a pixie for 1 year and 4 months.  I just needed a change up.  The hair is by Zury, it’s called Indi Remy Wet and Wavy. It wasn’t my first choice for hair(brand), but I had a 20.00 credit at my Beauty Supply and I figured why not use it!  The hair is a sew in, and I am attempting to keep it for 7-8 weeks.  We’ll see how that goes because I love to feel my scalp. 

So far(after 2 days) the hair doesn’t shed, hardly tangles, and I’ve gotten a ton of compliments.  My plan is to wear this for a while and then see how much hair growth I get.  If I like my new length I may wear it for a minute, but I will be chopping it back off for a new pixie shortly after! 

So for now I have to live vicariously through the other pixies out there. 

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Pixie Hair/Face

For today’s face, I went with the coral them of the clothes that I was wearing.  On my face I primed with Rimmel’s Fix and Perfect, then used Studio Fix Foundation(powder) in NC 45.  I have been using ELF Tone Correcting Concealer to cover dark spots and undereye as well.  I use the Spice color.  I then contured with Wet and Wild’s Bronzer, and used NYX Cinnamon for blush today.  I finished the look with MAC MSF Gold Deposit for highlighting.  I dusted my entire face with Bobbi Brown‘s Bronzer. Eyebrows were done with MAC’s Eyebrow Crayon in Stud.  My eyes are NYX Orange eyeshadow, and the crease is a brown from one of Wet and Wild’s Color Icon palettes.  I’m wearing lashes from the beauty supply as well.  My mascara is by Rimmel and its in the pink tube.  This makeup is after a full day of work, as well.

 Oh yeah, almost forgot, my lips…that is MAC’s Morange.  When I bought it the MAC rep said you really like color, and I do, I love this lipstick.  I toned it down with the MAC Chestnut pencil, but its really pretty without it as well.

Also my hair is growing!! I’m trying to grow my hair into a “faux” hawk…So I’m growing out the center of my hair, keeping the sides and back very low.  I washed it yesterday and noticed growth…also I must rave about Nairobi’s Foam Wrap Lotion, I’ll d0 so on a seperate post.

 My bangs were very short in January and now they are at my eyebrows!  Yea for me!  Hopefully I’ll be where I want by June or July!

Pixie Music-Chrisette Michele @ House of Blues Dallas

So, me and my friend went Tomica went to see Chrisette Michele in concert last night, at the House of Blues.  It was an excellent nite out!  We ate on the patio, the weather here has been awesome, and had a couple of drinks.  Afterwards we went down into the Foundation Room for the concert.  We were SRO, but we were at the very front whcih was awesome!  I snagged a short video (39 sec) before we were told “No Recording”! Check it out here.

That woman can SANG!  A lot of artists these days cannot really do that…but Chrisette is not one of them.  Awesome show.  I’ll upload more pics, later, they are in my camera!

Coconut Oil, Great for Pixies and ALL Hair!

One of the first products that I started using when I went from natural to relaxed was Virgin Coconut Oil(EVCO) and Virgin Olive Oil(EVOO).  They both serve different purposes for me.  Today, I’ll talk about EVCO.  Basically I use it for sealing my ends(when my hair was longer, and even now that I’m growing out a longer bang).  Sealing your ends means, that you have moisturized your hair, I use Keracare’s Moisturizing Creme Hairdress, focusing on your ends(the most fragile, and oldest part of your hair).  Once I do that I seal that moisture in w/oil. 

EVCO is great because its lightweight, but creates an awesome shine on your hair without being greasy.  With my pixie I use moisturizer and seal with oil daily.  If your hair is longer, I suggest every other day, so you don’t weigh your hair down. 

Another use of EVCO is to deep condition.  I use it with my deep conditioner(DC), and also when I mold my hair.  Some people like to spray oil sheen on their wet molded hair before they sit under the dryer, I use EVCO. Its natural, so no bad ingredients, and the shine is way better, plus it leaves your hair very soft. 

Make sure you get a virgin oil, not  one that has other ingredients on the label.  I have purchased it at my local natural foods store, as well as an Indian grocer.  The following article gives great insight into the oil as well.