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Tuesday, Shoe Day: Hot Suede

I absolutely love suede shoes.  No matter the style or the season I’m wearing them.

Today’s choice:


Hot Pink Suede pumps from Baker’s.  Gotta love them.  What do you think?


TweenAge Swagg


My son had his at Intermediate school this weekend. He decided to sort a vest, denim shirt, and bowtie.

With Love and Pixie Dust,


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Over Protective


I I’ve been wearing my hair straightened after months of protective styling. I am constantly paranoid about breakage as a result. So I’m going back under wraps with my hair to continue to hit my hair goals. Usually you will find my hair in a bun, phony pony, or twisting. With my growth I’m now able to do flat twists around the perimeter. One more protective style so I can continue growing my hair back. #growwithme

With Love and Pixie Dust,


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Candy Like

I love these sandals. I was lucky enough to nab these on the clearance at H&M for 10.00 they were originally 49.99.

They remind me of old school Candies–hence the title.

The polish is a mint color from one of the H&M mini polish sets.


A Wedge of Gold


These wedges I purchased last year on clearance for a whopping 12.99!

They are Dolce Vita for Target. Very comfortable, very stylish!

You are Now Watching the Throne!

@s_c_ and @kanyewestSo I went to see the WTT concert with the hubby on Dec 6!  It was great, one of the best shows I’ve ever seen.  One of my close friends was also in attendance, and looking natural(at the time) pixie fab!  Check us out!!

Wow, my bangs have really grown in 2 mos!!  I’ll post an updated pick of my hair after my appointment on Saturday!  Way to go, friend, and no we didn’t try to wear plaid scarves to the show!!!


Hautelook! Steve Madden

I don’t know if you follow, but its a great way to buy designer items, for way less than designer prices.  Today one of their specials is on Steve Madden shoes.  There are several that I love on the site, but I think I’ll pass, as I’ve been buying too much as of late.  Here are a few that I thought were really cute:

1. Gretta

Comes in a few different colors and if I buy one today, this is it!  Regular $130.00, Hautelook $60.00

2.  Draama-very cute everyday pump in a very hard to find cognac color…Regular:  $170.00, Hautelook:  $70.00

Draama Platform Pump

3.  Nockout-3 words, Leopard print wedge, gotta love it!  Regular: 200.00, Hautelook:  $70.00

Nockout Leopord Mary Jane Wedge


Check it out:


Spring Wardrobe Wishlist #1

Don’t shoot me…but we got a new puppy, and that’s why I haven’t posted.  But I’m here now, right!

I wanted to share some of the items on my Spring Wardrobe Checklist.  I stop buying winter clothes at the end of Dec. b/c the climate in my part of the world is fairly mild most of the year.  When I do shop the Winter clearance sales, the pieces have to be able to transition for Spring/Summer/Fall, because otherwise its not worth it for me!

These are some items that I saw today, or either bought already!

1.  Floral Wingtips(Forever 21)

I almost hate to post these, for fear that the entire stock will be sold out.  But I can see these paired up w/summer dresses, linen or lightweight trousers, or shorts…too cute.

2. Cute Dresses

I fiend for dresses!  Unfortunately, I don’t really like to wear them in the Winter.  So another reason I can’t wait for March!   H&M has some really cute ones, in awesome colors.   Can you say Papaya?  That’s the name of this color…beautiful!


3.  MAC Hot Gossip Lippy

My current fave!  How did I miss this one all these years?  Its a cream finish lipstick, you just have to try it!  I bought this one last week, and can’t stop wearing it.


I’ll be back with more goodies tomorrow.  I promise!

New Stuff

I visited the Dillard’s New Year’s Day Clearance sale at opening for the first time ever.  And did I win!!  Here’s what I got:

1. Jessica Simpson Bendie–original price: 89.00, my price: 22.25!

Jessica Simpson "Bendie" Sandals

2.  Vince Camuto Syla Wedge.  Much cuter in person, and who can ever have enough wedges???  Original price 98.00, my price:  29.40!

Vince Camuto "Syla" Wedge Sandals

And have you seen the Spring collection of Vince Camuto and Jessica Simpson, all I can say is WOW!

3.  I also grew my manly watch collection with a new Michael Kors to add to the collection in bronze.  Original price 250.00, my price: 75.00.  Can you say #winning!  Life size photo, lol.

Did you partake in the Dillard’s sale??? If so, what did you get?

Daily Fashion Finds

Found this pic over at Natural Belle’s blog:


Thought it was hot…again one of the Fall Fashion Trends-Leather.

The pic is courtesy of Fashionist: