Back Again.

This time for good.  Update:  I’ve been growing my hair out for about a year now, and have been seeing great results.  I’ll post my regimen later.  I also got highlights in July and those  have grown out nicely.  I’m experiencing my first “setback” in a while,  as I’m hanging some breakage in my sensitive area, my hairline!  I bought some new products yesterday.

I say new but two of them I started my hair journey with many years ago. 


ORS Replenishing CON and Silicon Mix(Dominican).  I love the smell of both and they both provide what I need moisture and shine(Silicon Mix) and light protein(ORS).  I also bought another Dominican product for additional protein(my stylist recommended protein).  Hadn’t tried this one but I have it in my hair now.


I’ll review in the coming days.

It’s funny that I started my journey in 2006 with some of these and I’m full circle back at them.   I’m hoping they may work as I have more hair than ive had in over 4 years?

I am 12 weeks post relaxer and will be 15 weeks before I get a touch up.   I’ll be protective styling.  Today it will be french braids.   These edges tho!

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