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Candy Like

I love these sandals. I was lucky enough to nab these on the clearance at H&M for 10.00 they were originally 49.99.

They remind me of old school Candies–hence the title.

The polish is a mint color from one of the H&M mini polish sets.


Jay-Z, Music

American Gangster

I love Jay-Z! Always have.  I was preparing for a garage sale this weekend, and going through old cd’s and junk.  I refused to repurchase my American Gangster CD, because I knew I owned 2 of them already, I just could not find them.  I finally found them going through all of my junk.  I listened to it today, and now I remember, American Gangster was way before it’s time.  The music is so relevant to today, he should re-release it, and sell another milli!

Track after track of genius work, what will we do, if Jay decides to go be a stay at home dad???