Pixie Dislikes 2012

I have two products that I gave the old college try, last month.  Neither of them worked for me!

1.  GHD Thermal Protector for Normal/Fine Hair

First off, I don’t have Normal or Fine Hair!  But this product, which I got free from Sephora, made my hair hard and dry.  It has alcohol as the 2nd ingredient so that should have been a clue.  It smells of alcohol and feels like hair spritz.  I can’t use this on my hair!!


2.  Ultra Sheen Supreme Super Smooth & Hold Flat Iron Spray

Some one on Long Hair Care Forum gave this code for a freebie, I said what the hey, its free right?  Well once again, it didn’t work for my hair.  It had the same effect as the GHD, alcohol, dry, hard hair.

If you would like to try them, subscribe, and leave a comment.  The first person to do so, will have them mailed to their address.  It’s worth a try, they may work for you!




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