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Spring Wardrobe Wishlist #1

Don’t shoot me…but we got a new puppy, and that’s why I haven’t posted.  But I’m here now, right!

I wanted to share some of the items on my Spring Wardrobe Checklist.  I stop buying winter clothes at the end of Dec. b/c the climate in my part of the world is fairly mild most of the year.  When I do shop the Winter clearance sales, the pieces have to be able to transition for Spring/Summer/Fall, because otherwise its not worth it for me!

These are some items that I saw today, or either bought already!

1.  Floral Wingtips(Forever 21)

I almost hate to post these, for fear that the entire stock will be sold out.  But I can see these paired up w/summer dresses, linen or lightweight trousers, or shorts…too cute.

2. Cute Dresses

I fiend for dresses!  Unfortunately, I don’t really like to wear them in the Winter.  So another reason I can’t wait for March!   H&M has some really cute ones, in awesome colors.   Can you say Papaya?  That’s the name of this color…beautiful!


3.  MAC Hot Gossip Lippy

My current fave!  How did I miss this one all these years?  Its a cream finish lipstick, you just have to try it!  I bought this one last week, and can’t stop wearing it.


I’ll be back with more goodies tomorrow.  I promise!


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