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Pixie Question

So, I’m about to get this sew in, taken out in a week.   I need your help.  What should I do now?  I know I want short hair, if I grew it out I wouldn’t let it get past shoulder length, if that long.  My dilemna is I really don’t know how much hair is under this 2 month old sew in, nor what kind of style I could get.  If I get a major cut it would be on the 23rd of September, but the install is coming out on the 16th.  I have attached a few pics of styles that I do like…let me know what you think, and hit me up with any suggestions as well.

OMG this one is causing a hairgasm!!!


lol…did a google search for short hair…and came up w/my own picture, the internet is crazy.

   Very cute, don’t care for the color but I love the shape.

Estelle’s is cute as well, I don’t know if I want my sides that low right now, as I may want another sew in, in a couple of months???  But if I decide against it, I’ll definitely cut them down to this length.

Image Detail

I loved this look on RihRih. 

Image Detail

  I love the shagginess of this one…I don’t think my bangs are this long, but I love this cutnatalie-imbruglia


2 thoughts on “Pixie Question”

  1. I love your hair!!!! I can tell you have nice thick easy to maintain (good hair)!!! I’m so jealous if your hairline!

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