Watch The Throne: #WTT



It’s finally here.   I preordered my copy on July 3, when it was first available, not even knowing when it would actually be released.  Not only that, but not even having any idea what the tracklisting or sound would be like.  But guess what as a true fan, it didn’t matter anyway!  If Jay puts out music, I’m buying, always have (since 1994-yes I bought the Hawaiian Sophie cassingle–if you don’t know what that is, cassingle, your too young).   So imagine my surprise when I read the reviews from his personal listening party held in a hotel in NYC–http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/jay-z-previews-watch-the-throne-in-new-york-20110708, I couldn’t believe it, it was almost here. 

Now you have to understand also that as a huge fan, that Jay has not put out an album(really any music) since 2009’s Blueprint III, so this was huge.  Not to mention that Kanye’s last album was a classic.  So when the album was available for download on Monday, August 8(midnite), I hit download.  And honestly the CD has not stopped playing in my house since.  I went out and purchased the “golden ticket” as I like to call the Deluxe CD  at Best Buy on Friday the 12th, because I still love real CDs.  And because I already purchased my concert tickets for the WTT tour, I have 2 more free downloads!

The album is FIYAH!  Serioulsy, not just saying that because I’m a super fan, even Jay has had CDs that would be great for others, but just did not measure up for him, this CD is not one of those.  It will sit right alongside, Reasonable Doubt, The Blueprint, The Black Album, and American Gangster, as some of his finest work, EVER.  If you don’t have it, cop it.


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