Fall Fashion 2011 Trendwatch: #1

1.  Colored Pants!

These have been a staple for a few seasons, and now for Fall/Winter 2011 they make another appearance.  They can be found everywhere, below are a few options!

Vibrant Skinny Ankle Jeans Forever 21 $24.90

Broken in Stretch Boot Cut Newport News $49.00
Jeanology® Broken-In Stretch Denim Boot-Cut Jeans
Skinny Stretch Jeans   Zara  9.99
Those Zara jeans are a great buy, if you can find them in your local store!
By the way, don’t forget to subscribe and enter for the giveaway.  http://wp.me/pWyre-3J
Good luck!

2 comments so far

  1. iwannabefierce on

    I definitely want to invest in this trend. It looks very cute and playful.

    • back2relaxed on

      I agree. I have seen so many of these trends in the stores now, I’m planning an update on where to buy, in a few days!

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