Fall Fashion 2011 Trendwatch: #3

I’ve been gone, for a week, had to take a break!  But now on to the top 3!!  


Mustard colored clothing

This color of the moment is a mix between, yellow, orange, brown, and red(in my opinion).  I have seen a lot of this color in Forever 21 and Gap.  Basically in Forever 21 I am seeing it mixed in w/tribal prints for example.  I love anything yellow, any shade!  So I am all over this color!

Gap Tie Neck Blouse 59.99

Forever 21 Tribal Print Pullover $17.80

Forever 21 Classic Trench Coat $32.80
Charlotte Russe  Shimmer, Solid, Braided Belt Set $10.50
Again keep your eyes open for this color.  Its another old color, that you may find in thrift shopping!!!  Good luck. 



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