Hair Photos

Pixie Surprise

So I promised that I was doing something with my pixie, right!  Well I did it.  So here is my before photo:

Excuse my was early, and I was off for the day! And my hair was ugly!


So about 4 hours later, here is the new me:

Don't you love it? I do!


Let me tell you about.

So no, I’m not deserting my pixie fans.  I’m just taking a break.  I’ve officially been a pixie for 1 year and 4 months.  I just needed a change up.  The hair is by Zury, it’s called Indi Remy Wet and Wavy. It wasn’t my first choice for hair(brand), but I had a 20.00 credit at my Beauty Supply and I figured why not use it!  The hair is a sew in, and I am attempting to keep it for 7-8 weeks.  We’ll see how that goes because I love to feel my scalp. 

So far(after 2 days) the hair doesn’t shed, hardly tangles, and I’ve gotten a ton of compliments.  My plan is to wear this for a while and then see how much hair growth I get.  If I like my new length I may wear it for a minute, but I will be chopping it back off for a new pixie shortly after! 

So for now I have to live vicariously through the other pixies out there. 

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