Fall Fashion 2011 Trendwatch: Countdown #8

8. Cobalt Blue

What a hawt(haute/hot) color cobalt blue is!!  I have been dying to have a pair of cobalt blue shoes for 2 years now, and still haven’t purchased them.  So this season they are mine.  Color blocking will certainly still be a hot trend in the fall, with differnt colors of course, and I think Cobalt Blue makes a great foundation for that look, as well as with grey and black, two staples of Fall and Winter.  I am already thinking of a smokey eye look using a cobalt blue shadow that I don’t even own yet!

Jessica Simpson Waleo( the shoe ranges from 72.00-89.00.  You can of course purchase it on I am a huge Jessica fan, as you will soon be able to see.  I do tend to find better deals(cheaper prices) on her shoes at other outlets, namely any Dillard’s sale, with the extra % off.  Also, if you frequent Marshall’s, they have tons of her shoes.   I still say that Tony Romo should have kept her, or vice versa. 


Runway looks:

Diane von Furstenberg(I know my niece would die for the boots)



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