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Pixie Music: Beyonce’s 4

Let me just say that I was so looking forward to June 28, to get my hands on this album.  Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a super fan.  But I keep it real, as well.  I love all of her albums, but to be honest, B’Day is my least favorite, from beginning to end.  I Am..Sasha Fierce was my favorite before June 28!  I love 4.  It is a great album from start to finish.   I of course purchased the Deluxe version on both iTunes and the physical CD

My favorites:




Start Over

I Care

I Miss You

Run the World

The song I was Here is going to be the song that she sings when she is old, it is true, but it will have even more meaning, in Beyonce‘s later years.  I see major growth in her as an artist as she explores, what it really means to be in love, married, and as it seems from recent interviews, a mother. I can tell as a fan, that she is just present in the interviews, and giving real answers not “prescripted label appropriate” responses, speaking from the heart.  I still believe that has something to do with her removal of her father as her manager.  But only they know the truth.  Cop the CD if you don’t have it.


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