Pink Circles

Finally I have time do some updated blogging…these are pics from a typical day at work.  I wore this baby pink H & M dress it has ruching in the empire waist area all the way around, it zips up the front as well.  The skirt is round(hence the title of the post…circle skirt), which gives it an “innocent” feel!  I love this dress.  It also came in a blue or khaki color(I can’t remember I’ve had it for over a month now).  The shoes which you can’t see that well are a gold sandal from Nine West I’ve had them a few years. 

The eye below was the look that I went for that day.  It is a L’Oreal HIP duo called Adventurous 114.  It features the pink color and a taupe.  The eyebrow is done with a MAC Eyebrow Crayon in Stud.  The makeup  is Bobbi Brown Oil Free Liquid Makeup in Almond, and I have highlighted with MAC Gold Deposit Mineralize Bronzer


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