Denim Daze

I bought this dress in the fall at Ross.  I love it!  As you will see, when I actually post all of these outfit posts, I LOVE DRESSES!  I try to wear one or two a week.  And I find it almost impossible not to wear one to church on Sundays! 

This dress has an empire waist, puff short sleeves, and an A-Line skirt.  I paired it with my favorite pair of boots, they are Nine West, and I’ve had them for years.  They were originally a very light cognac color, but have aged over the years.  I love them.  

The sweater I have on is a green cable cropped sweater.  It came from Forever 21 probably 5 years ago.  Again, if I love something I love i…don’t judge me!

I wore this back in January when we were still in winter.  Thank goodness its been much warmer lately!


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