Chris Brown F.A.M.E.

Ok, when I saw what happened to Chris Brown on GMA I was PISSED!  I love Robin Roberts, but she was dead wrong for continuing to bring up an obviously sore subjet to someone who is trying to move on with their life.  I would have been mad too, however I do belive that he could have handled it better, I get it.  I had already purchased the album when the melee occurred, and I still would have bought it even if I hadn’t. 

I must tell you that Chris Brown has put out another great album.  Just as great as Graffitti was, of course it didn’t get the play it deserved due to what was going on with the Rihanna/Chris situation. 

The album is full of all types of music from Urban to R&B to Dance/Europop, everything is there.  Go out and support it(or stay in and download it from iTunes!).

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