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Coconut Oil, Great for Pixies and ALL Hair!

One of the first products that I started using when I went from natural to relaxed was Virgin Coconut Oil(EVCO) and Virgin Olive Oil(EVOO).  They both serve different purposes for me.  Today, I’ll talk about EVCO.  Basically I use it for sealing my ends(when my hair was longer, and even now that I’m growing out a longer bang).  Sealing your ends means, that you have moisturized your hair, I use Keracare’s Moisturizing Creme Hairdress, focusing on your ends(the most fragile, and oldest part of your hair).  Once I do that I seal that moisture in w/oil. 

EVCO is great because its lightweight, but creates an awesome shine on your hair without being greasy.  With my pixie I use moisturizer and seal with oil daily.  If your hair is longer, I suggest every other day, so you don’t weigh your hair down. 

Another use of EVCO is to deep condition.  I use it with my deep conditioner(DC), and also when I mold my hair.  Some people like to spray oil sheen on their wet molded hair before they sit under the dryer, I use EVCO. Its natural, so no bad ingredients, and the shine is way better, plus it leaves your hair very soft. 

Make sure you get a virgin oil, not  one that has other ingredients on the label.  I have purchased it at my local natural foods store, as well as an Indian grocer.  The following article gives great insight into the oil as well.



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