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So I finally made it in for a professional mani/pedi on Saturday.  I used my new Avon polish in the color Gunmetal.  I will say the polish is very thick and you really only need 1 coat.  But of course the nail tech did 2 coats.  I accented my ring finger w/a purple color from the nail shop…I really like the Avon polish and its on sale for 2 bottles for 5.99…can’t beat that.



My Xmas Watch

So my husband gave me a new watch(of course I asked for it!) for Christmas.  I just got around to having it sized this weekend, and now haven’t stopped wearing it.  It is an Invicta Angel watch.  It retails for 695.00, but the wonderful people over at had a sale, and he snagged it for under 100.00!!! 

I love it…its very heavy and masculine looking, yet it, is really light on the wrist.  My friend asked me last night, is that a Rolex??? I was like naww…but some people almost spend Rolex money on it!!  Thanks Hubby!

Check out HauteLook and sign up so you can get designer brands for 50-75% off retail!  Its pretty awesome.

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Pixie Music-Chrisette Michele @ House of Blues Dallas

So, me and my friend went Tomica went to see Chrisette Michele in concert last night, at the House of Blues.  It was an excellent nite out!  We ate on the patio, the weather here has been awesome, and had a couple of drinks.  Afterwards we went down into the Foundation Room for the concert.  We were SRO, but we were at the very front whcih was awesome!  I snagged a short video (39 sec) before we were told “No Recording”! Check it out here.

That woman can SANG!  A lot of artists these days cannot really do that…but Chrisette is not one of them.  Awesome show.  I’ll upload more pics, later, they are in my camera!


Hey Pixies…

I know, I know…I have been a bad Pixie Blogger for the month of February.  Let me tell you about my month. 

1. Work has been, well, work!  Usually my days are pretty orderly, but February has been a beast.

2. My camera died.  I was all set to post a video haul for my shopping that I’ve been doing, when my camera died.  Two weeks later, I purchased the same camera again…it was wayy cheaper than getting my old one fixed.  So now I’m back in business tech wise.

3. I travelled a bit this month, so that took some time.

Well enough of the excuses, I’m back, tomorrow is the first day of March(which to me screams…SPRING!) so expect tons of updates, and I’ll be posting what I’ve been doing while I was away!  

There is also going to be a giveaway coming very soon, so keep your eyes and ears open for news of that!

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Wale’s New Deal on MMG!

@Wale finally made it official, he’s signed with Rick Ross’ #MaybachMusicGroup.  I’m very excited, love his music, but his previous label sucked at putting him out there like he deserves.  I personally think he is one of the most talented lyricists out there.  I’ve read that MMG is in a bidding war, and @RocNation is one of the bidders, hopefully they end up at @RocNation, that would be the icing on the cake!

Congrats to Wale!

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Coconut Oil, Great for Pixies and ALL Hair!

One of the first products that I started using when I went from natural to relaxed was Virgin Coconut Oil(EVCO) and Virgin Olive Oil(EVOO).  They both serve different purposes for me.  Today, I’ll talk about EVCO.  Basically I use it for sealing my ends(when my hair was longer, and even now that I’m growing out a longer bang).  Sealing your ends means, that you have moisturized your hair, I use Keracare’s Moisturizing Creme Hairdress, focusing on your ends(the most fragile, and oldest part of your hair).  Once I do that I seal that moisture in w/oil. 

EVCO is great because its lightweight, but creates an awesome shine on your hair without being greasy.  With my pixie I use moisturizer and seal with oil daily.  If your hair is longer, I suggest every other day, so you don’t weigh your hair down. 

Another use of EVCO is to deep condition.  I use it with my deep conditioner(DC), and also when I mold my hair.  Some people like to spray oil sheen on their wet molded hair before they sit under the dryer, I use EVCO. Its natural, so no bad ingredients, and the shine is way better, plus it leaves your hair very soft. 

Make sure you get a virgin oil, not  one that has other ingredients on the label.  I have purchased it at my local natural foods store, as well as an Indian grocer.  The following article gives great insight into the oil as well.