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So I promised you a review of Decoded by Jay-Z.  I have waited years for this book to be released.  After he pulled his autobiography, The Black Book, I didn’t think I’d ever get a book from this man, but its here. 

Let me just say that I LOVE this book.  I am a huge fan of Jay-Z, but even if I wasn’t this book is monumental.  I am huge fan of books, been reading since the age of 4, have read too many books to count, but this book is truly one of the best.  It does what it sets out to do, define a generation.  Our generation, the generation the grew up with hip-hop. 

Jay and the co-author Dream Hampton paint very vivid pictures of what was happening at various points in Jay’s life.  From childhood, to hustling, to separation from parents, there are so many storylines that any reader can identify with.  The book unfortunately, although I didn’t expect it to, give any insight into his meeting up with or relationship with Beyonce.   But it does define who Jay was, is, and hopes to become. 

One of the reasons that he is my favorite artist, is that he is not afraid to show his growth as a man.  No he doesn’t wrap about hoes and women anymore, because he’s married to a lady!  He is not afraid to be a business, man!  I love it.  I hope the hating stops and more people really study the music of this man, from Reasonable Doubt(first album) to Blueprint 3.  When you really study his body of work, there can be no doubt how genius he is.  And that’s without even looking at his business endeavors, and philanthropic efforts. 

Pick up the book, Walmart has it on sale now for 18.87(I believe).  If you enjoy exploration in the books you read, get this one.  Also the artwork and photographs in the book are beautiful!  It is a work of art in itself.  Once again, Jay-Z has set the standard that others can now only follow! Genius I tell ya!


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