I love music…

Anyone who “knows” me knows my love for music.  In particular, hip hop, r&b, urban pop, and 80s-90s pop!  I’ll periodically, probably every Tuesday(release day) give u my review of new music.  This week I purchased Keyshia Cole’s new CD, “Calling all Hearts”.  It is presently on sale at Best Buy for 7.99, the sale should end on Saturday, Jan 1.  Here’s my review:

Keyshia Cole Calling All Hearts Album Cover

The CD has very few tempo changes on it.  It starts w/the first release, “I Aint Thru” feat Nicki Minaj, which is a banger.  I love this song.  In fact I find myself repeating it alot.  However the rest of the album is a little slow.  There is ballad after ballad.  Which is great when you are in the mood for ballads, but every great CD needs a change of pace!  It is a great CD, but I think she would have had more success adding a couple of more uptempo songs to the list, just for variety!  All in all I give it 3 of 5 stars!  I think its definitely worth picking up, if are a Keyshia fan!


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