What Do You Think About The Gap?

I got this from another site, ityowyow…great insight…

The People’s Choice

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When Gap released their new logo last week, fans of the retailer were enraged. Gap saw the design as an opportunity to grow and a chance to take themselves in a new direction, but customers were not ready to let go of the classic. Almost instantly, bloggers, Facebookers, and writers based the new logo resembling bad clip art.

Today, they caved and ditched the new look. As their president put it, “All roads were leading us back to the blue box.”




My Hair…

So last time I talked to you, I was considering growing out my hair to a Halle-esque short bob. So much for that idea…I got my hair cut super short once again on last Tuesday!  I love it.  and its so much easier to maintain.  I’ll post a pic this week, so you can see just how short it is!!  I told my stylist that I would just have to buy more cute hats for the winter, since I WILL NOT have any hair!!

I’m working on some product reviews for you guys as well.

‘They will be makeup and hair product reviews, along with the shoes that I have purchased recently.  Keep checking in…more posts coming this week!


Look What I Just Bought???

I have been trying to revamp my shoe game.  I think I have a pretty tight shoe game, but it needed to be reworked.  So I’m working on my new fall/winter looks.  I needed more booties, so I bought a pair tonight, as well as a suede pair of nude platform pumps.  I really don’t feel that you should spend tons of money on fad/trendy styles.  You should spend that money on classic items that can be worn year after year.  That’s what I do!  So I spent very little on these trendy boots, however they are soo cute. Can’t wait until they arrive.  I will post a review after a few wears.  Here they are from the company website:


I got mine in black, although I wanted both!!

I think they’ll be super hot w/jeans, leggings, and tights!!