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Hair Inspiration Photos

My inspiration for cutting my hair was the “pixie” style. 2 people wear the heck out of this style to me…Rihanna and Malinda Williams…here are some pics of these two…I went from APL hair, to a neck length bob, to super short…Once I cut it I couldn’t stop…I have been addicted.  It has truly changed my outlook on my appearance…personally I think I’m a diva daily now! 


Welcome to My World…

I love many things…my husband, my son, all things hair, shopping, Beyonce, Jay-Z, hip hop!!  This blog is all about having a good time, and my discovery of the new me.  There will be a lot of information on here regarding short, relaxed, African American hair.  Also info on my two fave celebs, as well as my journeys and travels!   Join me for the ride.

Hello world!

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